As a second-generation jeweler and having worked in the business for nearly 5 decades, I became accustomed to creating wax carvings by hand that I would later transform into an alluring engagement ring or a beautiful pennant. However, the advancements in technology over the past few years have greatly impacted the jewelry industry, as we can now use CAD to design the jewelry and then 3D print a wax mold of the design.

The designs I create now with this technology are just as unique and beautiful as they were before the CAD software was invented, but the work is far more efficient and cost-effective. Before, I would need to create a wax carving by hand to then show the customer and gain their approval of the design. If they wanted to change an element of the design, I would often have to create a new wax carving, which consumed an enormous amount of time and effort. Now, however, I can create a detailed design for a ring using CAD, and if the customer wants to change the design, I can easily make those edits quickly and with no materials wasted. Additionally, a CAD model provides the client with a price estimate before any tangible item is created, which can help the customer make realistic design decisions. Thus, while the method of jewelry design may have changed since my father was in the business, the same brilliant designs can be created but now more efficient and cost-effective.