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Three Things to Know Before Buying Custom Design Jewelry

Custom jewelry is in vogue. Expert jewelry repair design services, which used to be the exclusive domain of the kings and queens during the Middle Ages in Europe, are now available to ordinary Americans - who can purchase the jewels of their dreams, without spending exorbitant sums every time.


This blog lists three things everyone plumping for custom jewelry should know before taking the dive:


  • Find a Reputed Expert Jewelry Repair and Design Service


This cannot be stressed more. Ask your friends, acquaintances, and family members for personal recommendations. Scour the internet. Browse through Yellow Pages. In other words, do anything but make sure you find an expert jewelry repair and design service. Experience, credentials, reputation, and certifications are a few qualities that distinguish experts from novices.


  • Early Bird Gets The Worm


Buying custom jewelry is different from making a purchase at an international chain of jewelers. While you can buy run-of-the-mill jewelry without spending much time; to get a piece of custom jewelry you will need to start early. If you have your wedding (or another special occasion) scheduled next month, start talking to your jeweler today. Talk to him or her. Make your expectations clear. And give them ample to produce a nice necklace, ring, or whatever it is you want.


  • Educate Yourself


To a layperson, all jewels are more or less the same. It is often hard for the untrained eye to distinguish between good and bad jewelry. It does not hurt to learn a little about jewels. For instance, if you want a custom design diamond necklace, it is good to learn a little about the four Cs of diamonds. In the same vein, if you are going to purchase a gold ring, it is smart to learn a little about karats. When you know a little, you will be in a better position to ask intelligent questions.

2 comments on “Three Things to Know Before Buying Custom Design Jewelry”

  1. Gravatar of Skylar MitchellSkylar Mitchell

    Posted Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 3:29:53 PM

    I definitely agree that it is a good idea to find someone with experience when getting custom jewelry. Since it is custom made, it is important to make sure that they know what they are doing, and have had plenty of experience. Jewelry can be very expensive, so quality is very important so you get your money's worth! <a href='http://ringsutah.com' > http://ringsutah.com</a>

  2. Gravatar of Dave ThompsonDave Thompson

    Posted Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 1:30:06 PM

    These are good things to know before you buy custom jewelry. One thing I have found is that getting custom pieces repaired can sometimes be a nightmare. Not a lot of jewelers will work on pieces they did not make. Keep that in mind as well when you get a custom piece made. http://www.jandsgold.com/repairs/

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