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Five Popular Diamond Settings


One of the areas where Alex and Cliff demonstrate their expertise at its best is - diamond setting services. We create many diamond settings for all kinds of occasions - a party, an engagement, a wedding, or a birthday. Here we talk about the five popular settings that we do:

    Prong

It is a popular and classic setting. A lot of people use this setting in their stud earrings, engagement rings, and tennis bracelets. Small metal prongs bending over the girdle of the diamond allow for the greatest exposure of the diamond, while minimising the appearance of the metal. Prong allows for more brilliance its structure lets more light pass through the diamond.

    Channel

This setting is used when several diamonds have to be mounted in a row. The prong setting is inefficient here. So jewellers use a continuous strip of metal and place each diamond into it. The channel setting works when the diamonds are uniform in size and shape. Tennis bracelets and diamond rings often feature the channel setting.

    Bezel and half bezel

The bezel setting is used when jewellers want to make a diamond appear larger than it really is. It is a popular for round-shaped diamonds. In this type, the outer edge of the diamond is covered in a fine frame of metal. This design is clean in appearance and sturdy. A related setting type is, half bezel. Here metal surrounds the diamond only partially.

    Pave

When several small diamonds are held in tiny prongs in such a way that they complement a large diamond and enhance its brilliance, radiance, and shimmer, the setting is called the pave. This setting reflects facets of a diamond. It is commonly found in earrings and engagement rings.

    Tension setting

When pressure from a spring, instead of a bezel, or a channel, or a set of prongs, is used to hold a diamond in place, the setup is called the tension setting. A spring-loaded setting with small grooves or etching is used. The entire design creates the illusion of a diamond floating in air. It is a secure setting, most commonly used in engagement and wedding rings.

This is not all. We do a lot of other settings, such as gypsy, fishtail, and bar. Contact our custom jewellery design and repair store to find the perfect diamond setting for you.

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