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How to Take Care of Your Jewelry?

Your diamond, gold, silver, and platinum jewelry is valuable for its own sake and the sentiments you have for it. We have experienced it firsthand because the people, who visit our jewelry repair and service center in New Jersey to get their rings and necklaces fixed, are not merely after restoring the monetary value of their jewels. A lot of them want us to reproduce the old shape of their jewelry for emotional reasons.


We often notice in our jewelry repair store that broken armbands and earrings that bring people to us could have been saved with little protection, careful storage, and regular cleaning.




The jewelry you wear is susceptible to damage. Quite often, intricacy in design and fragility go hand in hand, so you have to be more careful with expensive, elaborately designed jewelry. Fortunately it is not hard. Anyone can adopt these commonsense precautions and avoid costly repairs that strike out of blue: 


    • Do not keep your jewels in your pockets to protect them from heavy impacts
    • Do not let anyone tug at your necklace
    • Avoid using household cleaners on your jewelry
    • Visit Alex & Cliff the moment you notice the clasps and prongs on your jewels have loosened up









Many people end up breaking their necklaces when they try to free them from a tangled mess of jewels. Avoid such scenarios with these tips:

    • Do not use a crowded storage.
    • Use pads with cloth pouches.
    • Store  diamonds with diamonds, and gold with gold.
    • Do not make piles.









Dirt and other impurities have a penchant to cover the shiny surface of your jewelry. Clearing a thick layer of dirt off the surface can be hard if you do not clean your jewelry regularly. You can keep your jewels new-like if you make a habit to gently rub them with a soft cloth and lukewarm, soapy water. Avoid using sharp and pointing objects because gold and silver are soft metals and you can end up damaging your jewelry.


Your jewelry is expensive. Take a good care of it. Phone us on 973-762-0788 if you need any assistance in New Jersey.

Four Reasons to Purchase Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is more than a piece of metal or carbon that which you pay for dearly.

The jewelry you wear has deeper, more profound, connotations.

It is a representation of your personality. It means that the jewels you choose

speak to you and other who view them. And when you accept this,

it takes little work to convince yourself the importance of custom jewelry designs.

Why not? If jewelry exudes your personality then custom jewelry exudes

it even more and in a way that has little room for misinterpretation.

The advantages of custom designed jewelry are many.

This blog offers a rundown of three of them: 


  • Custom Jewelry Emphasizes Your Uniqueness



You are unique. So why not stress your uniqueness with a piece of jewelry

that is made only for you? Why go for designs hackneyed to death?


  • Custom Jewelry Brings Out Your Style and Creativity



The process of designing your own jewelry or explaining to a professional

how your necklace or ring should look like brings out the creative side of yours. 

You can create a piece that fits perfectly with your personality and reflects your

life philosophy if you team up with a professional customer jewelry design and repair shop.

In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that custom jewelry is breathes life into

the dormant or hidden artist in you.


  • Custom Jewelry Fits in Well With Your Attire 



When you design your own jewelry, you are free to experiment with designs that

will fit in well with you existing and future wardrobe. With the help of a professional

custom jewelry designer, you can make sure your experiment will be successful. A point worth noting here is that custom jewelry tends to be more versatile than

readymade jewelry because the former is chosen by you chime in with your clothes

and overall personality.


  • Custom Jewelry Makes You Stand Apart from Crowd



Some say that not even the most expensive necklace can make your stand out

 from the crowed as efficiently as a custom designed one. While designing your custom

 jewelry you can choose pieces — diamonds, gems, gold, silver, and platinum

 — that will fit you and emanate your personality. A jewelry that supports your current

 personality is bound to make you feel special and stand out from a crowd in which each

 man and woman comes with his or her own expensive set.

Two Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying Custom Design Jewelry

Not sure how to get the custom designed jewelry you have been fancying for a long time? Start by looking for the right jeweler.


Buying custom jewelry is different from buying other expensive products - cars and appliances. Precious stones and metals speak their own language. Their language exudes quality and style. Unsurprisingly it can be hard for an untrained eye to appraise their real value.


On top of this, many individuals venture out to buy custom designed jewelry only few times in their entire lives. Together these factors make the task of finding the right professional to design and produce your custom jewelry harder. But it does not have to be.


If you are planning to buy a custom designed necklace, ring, or another jewelry and looking for a jeweler; ask yourself these two questions you clinch the deal:


  • Does the Jeweler Listen to You?



The jeweler should listen to you. No second thoughts here. So when you set out to find a custom jewelry and repair service, ask yourself this question: is the person listening to me? If he or she does not pay attention to what you are saying, then it is safer and smarter to walk out and find the next vendor.


All respected and professional jewelers lend you their ears. They listen to you when you explain them your needs, style, and desires. After that they show you a large number of different jewelry and help you in the narrowing down of the choice. You may feel overwhelmed, but it is good at times.


RED FLAGS: Walk out if the jeweler is pushing his or her own agenda (price) down your throat.


  • Is the Jeweler Credentialed and Experienced?



Jewelry is bought for special occasions. You would not want to take unnecessary risks. So when you look for jewelry, make sure they are credentialed and experienced. The more experienced a custom jewelry and repair service is, the better chances you have to get your jewelry designed to your desires. And certifications lend credence to a jewelry’s skills.

What to Do When Your Jewelry Breaks?

Nothing spoils the day more than a broken piece of a jewelry.


Imagine this scenario: Your spouse gifts you a new necklace or ring because it is your birthday. (Or, perhaps it is your wedding anniversary, or any special day.) You are so elated that in your excitement, you forget to take off the thing when you go to bed. You sleep with your new jewelry still on you. You wake up the next day and to your horror your brand new piece of jewelry broken. What will you do?


There are two options available at your disposal:


1. DIY


You decide to take charge of the situation. You turn on your computer, browse through a few links and finally find the set you tools that you think will enable you to repair your broken jewelry. You rush through your order and wait for a few days. The tools come. The situation can pan out in two ways, now:


One: You are technically inclined. And you have taken a course in jewelry repair. So you fly through the entire repair job.


Two: Although the user manuals are there, you find yourself unable to use them. Or worse still, when you attempt to fix your jewelry it breaks down - making things even worse for you.


This road is full of risks.


2. Find the Best Jewelry Repair and Service Company in Your Town


Hire a professional jewelry repair and service company to avoid the trouble of ordering a new set of tools (whose costs can run into several hundred dollars) and reduce the risk to mend your expensive jewelry. A repair professional will be experienced in his or her field, and he or she will have the right tools to fix your expensive jewelry.




When you end up with a broken piece of jewelry for any reason, you can either mend it yourself or find a professional. The second option is carriers lesser risk and holds more promise to make your jewlery new-like.

Three Things to Know Before Buying Custom Design Jewelry

Custom jewelry is in vogue. Expert jewelry repair design services, which used to be the exclusive domain of the kings and queens during the Middle Ages in Europe, are now available to ordinary Americans - who can purchase the jewels of their dreams, without spending exorbitant sums every time.


This blog lists three things everyone plumping for custom jewelry should know before taking the dive:


  • Find a Reputed Expert Jewelry Repair and Design Service


This cannot be stressed more. Ask your friends, acquaintances, and family members for personal recommendations. Scour the internet. Browse through Yellow Pages. In other words, do anything but make sure you find an expert jewelry repair and design service. Experience, credentials, reputation, and certifications are a few qualities that distinguish experts from novices.


  • Early Bird Gets The Worm


Buying custom jewelry is different from making a purchase at an international chain of jewelers. While you can buy run-of-the-mill jewelry without spending much time; to get a piece of custom jewelry you will need to start early. If you have your wedding (or another special occasion) scheduled next month, start talking to your jeweler today. Talk to him or her. Make your expectations clear. And give them ample to produce a nice necklace, ring, or whatever it is you want.


  • Educate Yourself


To a layperson, all jewels are more or less the same. It is often hard for the untrained eye to distinguish between good and bad jewelry. It does not hurt to learn a little about jewels. For instance, if you want a custom design diamond necklace, it is good to learn a little about the four Cs of diamonds. In the same vein, if you are going to purchase a gold ring, it is smart to learn a little about karats. When you know a little, you will be in a better position to ask intelligent questions

Three Pieces of Jewelry Women Like The Most


Women love jewelry. There is no argument here. I have seen many women go back home and then return to office, only to wear that diamond earring. Humans have been wearing ornaments for more than 70,000 years. Therefore, the relationship is old and deep rooted.

In most cultures, women are fond of jewelry. America is not an exception. But what kind of jewels do women love to wear? The answer is all kind of jewels. How do we know it? We have been working with diamonds and other jewels for more than three decades. We run a jewelry repair and service business in New Jersey. So we know a little.

This purpose of this post is not to brag about ourselves and our knowledge. Instead, all we want to do is to share with you the three types of jewelry that we think women love to wear the most:

    Earrings

Studs are classic. The best thing about them is that they are a go-to jewel for every situation. They chime in with every kind of environment - from the demanding office to a party on a beach. The little diamonds (or gemstones) on ear lopes lend a look of elegance. Currently, hoop earrings are in the vogue. More stylish women can choose metal hoop earrings, or the perennial classic, which are the diamond studs.

    Ring

If there is a piece of jewelry that pops the most during a conversation, it is the infamous ring on a woman’s finger. A ring reflects a woman’s personal style. It stands out from the rest of the outfit, while complementing it. A ring can be oversized, or it can be barely noticeable.

    Necklace

The 1920s and the 1930s were the days of the long necklace. Then they were replaced by short pendants. Today, after a sleep of nearly 80 years, these necklaces are making a comeback. As with earrings, long necklaces chime in well with most social settings. They can be shortened, by doubling, at office. Or, women can choose to show their entire length when they are in a more liberating mood.

If you think there is something we have missed, please let us know. We will be glad to hear from you.

Five Popular Diamond Settings


One of the areas where Alex and Cliff demonstrate their expertise at its best is - diamond setting services. We create many diamond settings for all kinds of occasions - a party, an engagement, a wedding, or a birthday. Here we talk about the five popular settings that we do:

    Prong

It is a popular and classic setting. A lot of people use this setting in their stud earrings, engagement rings, and tennis bracelets. Small metal prongs bending over the girdle of the diamond allow for the greatest exposure of the diamond, while minimising the appearance of the metal. Prong allows for more brilliance its structure lets more light pass through the diamond.

    Channel

This setting is used when several diamonds have to be mounted in a row. The prong setting is inefficient here. So jewellers use a continuous strip of metal and place each diamond into it. The channel setting works when the diamonds are uniform in size and shape. Tennis bracelets and diamond rings often feature the channel setting.

    Bezel and half bezel

The bezel setting is used when jewellers want to make a diamond appear larger than it really is. It is a popular for round-shaped diamonds. In this type, the outer edge of the diamond is covered in a fine frame of metal. This design is clean in appearance and sturdy. A related setting type is, half bezel. Here metal surrounds the diamond only partially.

    Pave

When several small diamonds are held in tiny prongs in such a way that they complement a large diamond and enhance its brilliance, radiance, and shimmer, the setting is called the pave. This setting reflects facets of a diamond. It is commonly found in earrings and engagement rings.

    Tension setting

When pressure from a spring, instead of a bezel, or a channel, or a set of prongs, is used to hold a diamond in place, the setup is called the tension setting. A spring-loaded setting with small grooves or etching is used. The entire design creates the illusion of a diamond floating in air. It is a secure setting, most commonly used in engagement and wedding rings.

This is not all. We do a lot of other settings, such as gypsy, fishtail, and bar. Contact our custom jewellery design and repair store to find the perfect diamond setting for you.

Two Things to Look for in a Watch Repair

Watch repair demands a lot of training and many years of practice. Although the do it yourself (DIY) videos on the internet are helpful, they come nowhere close to the expertise of a professional who has been earning his or her living through watch repair for several decades.


If you have an old or expensive watch at home that needs repair, it is advisable to take it to a professional than try your hands on it. It is not fun to spoil the interiors of your grandfather’s watch.


A look around your town, or on the internet, will show many watch repair shops. This creates a problem of a different sort - whose watch repair should you choose?


This blog suggests two essentials to look for in a watch repair shop before you hand over your precious device to them.


(a) Experience


It takes a long time to develop professional watch repair skills. Even the routine battery changes require some skill. Watch repair is a discipline. Like any discipline, it takes years of practice before it can be mastered. Therefore, it is advisable to go to a watch repair shop that has experienced professional working there.


If you live in Maplewood, we suggest you to come to our watch repair. Alex has 35 years of experience under his belt and Cliff rules with more than 30 years of experience. Both Alex and Cliff have worked with big names - Seiden Gang and Bailey Banks & Biddle.


(b) Services


After experience, the second thing to look for in a watch repair shop is the services. You cannot ask for something that is not provided in the first place. You can check the internet, telephone, and visit stores to find out if a watch repair sells what you want to purchase.


Alex & Cliff provides repair services to watches of major brands. Your watch may be 10 days old, or 100 years old, we are capable of mending it. We do mechanical repairs, quartz tune-ups, and battery and band replacements. A list of our services is available on the website. If there is something missing, you can always contact through email or telephone.

Three Reasons to Buy Custom Jewelry


Long before machines entered the world and fundamentally altered the field of artistry, there were professionals crafting unique pieces of art out of diamonds, gold, silver, and other precious materials.


Then, about 150 years ago, the English built machines that industrialized the world. A few decades passed and in America, Henry Ford pioneered the concept of the assembly line. Together, these two phenomena have defined how the modern world produces goods.


1. Uniqueness


We use machines to mass-produce generic products in order sell them to the maximum amount of people possible. It works well for cars, but it disintegrates much of the humanity from the concept of jewelry.


A piece of jewelry is more personal and sentimental than a car is. The sole purpose of jewelry is its beauty, and uniqueness is inherent in the concept of beauty. This brings us to our most compelling reason to wear only custom jewelry; it is unique, just like the person who is wearing it.


2. Better Quality


In addition to the individuality of custom jewelry, we ensure that we treat all of our projects with extreme care so that we can guarantee the near perfect quality of our jewelry.


At our shop, we involve you in our consideration of how to make your piece of jewelry with the finest and most durable materials as possible. We guide you through your selection so that only the highest quality metals and gems are used in creating your jewelry.


3. Frugality


Before the 19th century, only the kings and queens could afford customized jewelry. Production of jewels on a massive scale has made them far more affordable. While the mass-production of jewelry fringes upon its individuality, the mass-production of gems is essential in creating unique jewelry that is affordable.


Therefore, custom jewelry is no longer exorbitantly expensive. When you consider the quality and uniqueness of custom jewelry, the creation of customized jewelry by our experienced jewelers and craftsmen is worth every cent you pay for it.

If this does not convince you, give us a phone call, or come to our store .We are sure you are going to love it.


Re-Launch of Our Online Jewelry Store


Greetings !

We are happy to announce the re-launch of our online jewelry repair center and store. It is now easier to contact us and place repair orders for your watches and jewelry.

Trustworthiness is inherent in our reputation as custom and repair jewelers, which is an important characteristic to have when handling merchandise as fiscally and sentimentally valuable as jewelry. We understand your concerns. So, let’s begin by first introducing ourselves:

Who are we?

My name is Alex Centrella. I have been working as a diamond setter for over 35 years now. I have worked with companies such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier, and Seiden Gang. I specialize in prong, channel, parvé, and custom cut-ups. However, I can handle any form of setting or repairs as a result of my extensive knowledge and experience that I have gained over the past few decades.

Cliff Mandel is my partner in this enterprise. He has been a jeweler for more than three decades. His expertise focuses primarily on custom design. He specializes in wedding bands and diamond bridal jewelry, utilizing techniques he has acquired throughout the past 30 years. His former employers include various retail stores in the Short Hills Mall and multiple locations of Bailey Banks & Biddle.

We are located in Maplewood New Jersey, where we have created a myriad of custom jewelry for our clients while also repairing the jewelry of numerous patrons who come to us for our reputation as a trustworthy, meticulous repair center.

Now, off to more interesting things.

What do we do?

At Alex and Cliff Jewelry Store, we do three things:

  • We repair your jewelry. It can be a simple crack, a seemingly unfixable disaster, or anything in between. Bring us your jewelry and we will make it new again. We believe any piece of jewelry can and should be reincarnated because of jewelry’s tendency to hold significant sentimental value. Sometimes, new jewelry just isn’t the same as pieces that have been cherished for years.


  • We repair your watches. There are still millions of people use old-style watches, regardless of the convenience of the digital clocks in your cell phone. We promise you that if your watch has been damaged, just call us. Your watch will not only look more brilliant than ever, but it will be ticking with accuracy that will last a lifetime without skipping a beat.


  • We sell customized jewelry. Everyone sells jewelry, so we decided to do something a bit different. You tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll materialize your thoughts and imagination into silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Everyone has their own perceptions of beauty; therefore we have developed a system that allows us to enclose your perceptions within something you can prominently wear on your finger, in your ear, or around your neck.